Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A Very Happy Birthday

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! I had such a lovely day yesterday. Woke up to some ice-cream in bed, which always makes for a good start. Then headed off to class for 9am.. and came hoem expecting Fred to be in the lab. But he wasn't! He was still at home... there were flowers, a cake, and a table full of presents. So I opened up those, and then afterward Fred headed off to work. So I stayed home and ate candy and watche dmoveis all day! Then called up family, which was so nice. Fred came home around 4. I had developed a slightly sick tummy from eating sour candy all day... I think I will never learn. But we headed off to wine cafe and just sat around eating cheese, drinking wine, and chatting away. Then got some pizzas from across the road to eat at home for dinner. Was an altogether beautiful day. Thank you everyone who contributed to making it so! Oh, and today was officially the first warm day of the year. Could be outside in just a t-shirt and jeans... ah, was so nice. Is so wonderful to feel the sun again!

Just a few pictures from the last week or so. A couple from when we (err... or Fred) made pizzas last week, and then the rest are from yesterday.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

A Snowy Sunday...

Woke up this morning at 7am to an absolutely snow covered Oxford. Two days ago I was outside in a skirt with no tights... something strange certainly happened with the weather - and I did not expect it at all. Ventured into the bus stop (which I never take) and took some photos on the way. Treated my self to a mocha from starbucks and a blueberry muffin. Most days I don't get to sip coffee on the way into town... it's pretty tricky while on a bike. Had a lovely day at work as well... but now all the snow has melted and it's sunny outside. Seems as if it was all a strange dream... but it certainly was lovely while it lasted. Am hoping winter is behind us for good now!

Just a few pictures from this past week. We went to a gig at the zodiac on thursday night with some friends... was pretty entertaining and fun. Also, was stressed the whole week over my essay that was due in that morning so was pleased to have that obstacle behind me. Then friday night I went into london after work. Went to a friends house there and met up with some girls I haven't seen in a while. We just sat in her flat eating lasagna, nibbling on olives and sipping red wine all night. In the morning we had a much anticipated breakfast out. (i LOVE breakfast out... there is something deeply luxurious about it. especially when it is cooked hot breakfast... muffins don't count). anyway, then we ventured into london... went to brick lane and checked out some vintage shops. there was an insane amount of bags, shoes and old clothes... was all a bit too much to take in for me. so i ended up not buying anything because i just couldn't figure out what was nice and what was just old rubbish? oh well. then it rained and rained and my feet were soaking wet because i insisted on wearing my most awful and manky leopard print flats which have officially been binned. (much to my dismay). but they really are just useless. so i am now on the lookout for my next pair of ballet flats... i will keep you posted on how the search progresses. I was so very happy to make it back into oxford friday evening though. was so happy to collapse into bed after a very, very long week. And, it was a great surprise to wake up to a snow covered oxford this morning! Ok, now it's time for some french onion soup courtesy of chef fredrik... he spent the weekend at home doing DIY projects. so will post some pics of our fully finished house soon.


The highly anticipated 'gig' shoes.

Marielle and I got a bit bored...

Emily and I dressing up at work.

My incredible french toast, bacon and eggs! and mocha. Yummy!

All for only 4 pounds 50! A serious steal.

The view from our front window this morning!