Saturday, 5 March 2011

It's been a long time...

Oops, somehow managed to not blog for a couple of months... what can I say, things have been crazy busy. But, seeing as we've just moved to a new country and all... thought maybe it would be time to jump-start the old Team Inglis. So, you might already know... Freddy and I arrived in Zurich yesterday. Fell fast asleep for the entire afternoon in the hotel then woke up and ate MacDonalds and cake in front of British television... we needed to start the transition slowly.

Today we moved into our new temporary flat. It's incredibly nice, super modern, and in a very good location. Couldn't ask for anything better really. The sun was shining this afternoon so we took a little walk along the river and did a tour of Zurich's trams... there was a protest going on and so it was slightly confusing figuring out how to get to the city centre. Freddy is doing an excellent job of navigating though... especially considering all I do is tug on his shirt whining variations of, 'where are we? are we there yet? where are we going?....' Delightful as ever.

Anyway, Zurich is beautiful and we are both happy. Planning to hit up Ikea tomorrow... pretend like we are in Sweden and eat lots of hotdogs and buy some candles. Til later.

p.s. we also managed to survive our first grocery shopping trip without any dramatic arguments about which butter to buy... and even managed to arrive just as all the cakes were being marked down 50%. Good to know. xx