Friday, 2 May 2008

The aim of this short blog is mainly to sing the praises of the new Mexican place across from the three goats head off of cornmarket. Our food saviour has arrived. Now no longer are we faced with the kebab dilemma, of: its late, I'm hungry, is food out of a van ever a good decision? (it almost never is). Now finally we have a choice! Burritos, and large ones, reasonably priced by English standards (only five quid!!! what a deal)
We have already visited it several times. The carnitas is my personal favourite, although Jenny prefers the steak. They even have limes, rice, black beans... does food get better than that? I would posit, no.

But not only are the ingredients fresh, the tortillas large. But also the range of salsas is larger than in any where else here. They have salsa fresca, salsa verde, and salsa red stuff??... my knowledge of Spanish fails me, salsa rado? rosa?

but perhaps more importantly. They have cholula. Oh so spicey and tasty, a properly Mexican sauce, which definitely adds to the experience. The ambiance is sterile and clean, not quite like molca salsa. And they don't have tamarind juice. But you do get to see the people trying to get into the homeless shelter fighting outside the window. So if anyone is ever visiting oxford, we definitely recommend stopping by.


The Bannon Clan said...

Rojo. . .Red. That's what know after 10 years of spanish.

Nogbad the Bad said...

Freddie, I wish your dad could make a pizza.
By the way, his taste in beer has declined - when family came over, he was drinking Budweiser -in a can!!!
It's his age I expect.

When you and wifey coming over???

Mike and Karen.