Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Love & Justice

The Love & Justice debate happened last night!

As I'm sure you've all heard, we started the debating society at brookes back in September. We had our first 'grand' debate last night at the students union venue - with guest speakers, catering and over 100 people. It was a great success and everyone involved was really pleased with the outcome. The motion was:

This house believes the 'west' has a moral obligation to intervene in the affairs of the 'rest'.

It was upheld with 42 people voting for it and 37 against (there were also people who chose not to vote).

The audience was adequately riddled with a good number of crazies... which always helps keep it interesting. The token Arab who accuses 'you' of ruining the lives of every Muslim, and the old nutter who insists on protesting for the rights of Palestine vehemently... without relating it to the subject at hand. Oh, and I fulfilled the all important role of time-keeper. Pretty exciting.

p.s. the photo i added of me is not that great, the guy is one of my many fans.... no just kidding, he is just a guy from the society.

Gabe and Fred who came to support, and inform people of their scientific fallacies.

Drinks and nibbles beforehand.

Waiting to get started with our awesome logo in the background.


The Bannon Clan said...

Jenny! Is that you up on stage??? Freddy must be so proud. I'm sure you did a great job with the timer!

Margaret said...

We are so proud of you Jenny! Is that you on the stage?

Jennifer said...

yep yep. that is me.