Monday, 9 February 2009

The worst snow in a generation!!

Britain is looking especially bleak at the moment. Well, that's not true really. Maybe, it's just looking bleak for me... the next seven weeks at least (that's until my dissertation is due). But lets be honest, the weather has been less than thrilling. Early last week, literally the only news story to be heard was the torrential weather that had hit the country by storm - grannies couldn't make it to the shops, cars couldn't start, cyclists were too petrified to get on their bikes, and public transport had come to a total standstill. The BBC showed nothing but this, and delighted in documenting people slipping and falling on the ice... what would happen to this great nation, they solemnly asked? Seriously, it was not that bad... and it was all a little embarrassing, because honestly how can one of the most developed nations in the world be paralyzed by 2inches of snow? Well... it didn't stop there. The snow kept falling, the temperature kept dropping and by Friday my world had pretty much shattered because Headington Hill had been closed and I was stranded in town wet and cold from the rain and unable to make it to class. I know, what could be worse?

Well, luckily the last few weeks have not been quite so devastating... here are a few highlights:
Monkey bread!! Seriously, the best thing to happen to me for a while... it was amazing, mom. Thanks so much, we loved it.

With Lindsay and Yasmin in town.

Rock band!!Always a good idea... especially when it involves dressing up.

Lab people at the pub for Gabe's birthday.

Thanks to Fred (the official teaminglis gig spotter) we got tickets to see Lily Allen perform and the Zodiac. She was great, and had on a seriously awesome Chanel t-shirt that I am going to try to replicate.

Patrick had his last exam and received his results that he passed. Six years of med school... and he is now officially a doctor. Definitely a reason for some bubbly.

The snow that rocked the nation from our front window.

Saturday morning: Fred rocking his favourite J.Crew onesie, sunflowers, tea, and the paper.

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thebannonclan said...

I love your blog. The only problem is its updated. . .hmmmmm. . .quarterly. Thats a problem. Come on. Step it up and get with the program. By the way that was your "brotha" who posted the last two posts, Not your "sista." Enjoy your comment.