Friday, 26 June 2009

The only place on the map... Burnsville.

So, we drove 11 hours in the car to Burnsville, North Carolina. 6 adults, two kids, and two dogs... all in one car. It sounds pretty tortuous, but it was actually so much fun. Lisa's house that we stayed in was beautiful and it was great to be right next to the creek. We did some sightseeing, went swimming, got to meet up with old friends, and even got to go on a ride on Thomas the Train. What more could you ask for?

Grace in the car with Juma.

Trying to keep Obie entertained.

The house we stayed in.

Playing in the creek.

Grace and Obie rocking on the front porch.

Mom and Aunt Ninee.

With Shane overlooking the waterfalls.

Walking in the woods.

Matt came to visit from South Carolina.

Grace was a little dare devil. She loved tubeing!

Echo: the dog who thought he lived in the house.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home.

Obie got hold of the butter.

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