Friday, 26 June 2009

St Charles

We just got back from Mike & Steph's house in St Charles this past week. We had such a fun time. It was great to see everybody. Grace and Obie had changed so much since we were last there. Here are just a few photos from our trip...

Obie liked playing dress up with my mom's glasses. He would put them on and get so excited and start waving to everybody.

My dad eating his favourite Culver's burger.

Fred and his Culver's burger.

Michael and his little mini-me.

Nana and Obie at the winery.

Stephanie and Dad.

Gracie and her Papa.

Everybody exhausted and asleep in the car.

Grace always has time to try on all the jewellry at the mall.

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The Bannon Clan said...

Good job picking out the highlights of the trip. So much fun!