Sunday, 20 September 2009


After the excitement of Stonehenge we headed for the car to try to figure out where to head off to. Luckily we had a computer so we had a look online to try to find a bed and breakfast that looked decent and had a vacancy. After a bit of calling around we found a place called the Collingdale Hotel in a town by the beach called Ilfracombe. That was about all we knew... it was about 2 hours away and was by the ocean. So, we headed off in search of it.

We eventually found the place... after a few close calls along the way. Let's just say that we had to wash some blue paint off the windshield from where we came a little too close to a blue fence. In Fred's defense: English roads are very, very narrow.

The view out our bedroom window.

Relaxing in the room before heading out to explore.

The Collingdale Hotel where we stayed.

Beautiful views around town...

Walking along the water, people were really nice and friendly and kept asking if we wanted them to take our photo (no, not because we looked like tourists but because we kept playing with the camera).

'Imshallah' boat.

Sign under clock reads: 'IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD'
I liked that.

The town centre where we ate some lovely fish.

Sunset over the water.

It was very windy.