Sunday, 4 October 2009

happy birthday to freddy!

Freddy turns 25 today!
This is what he looked like this morning when he got some ice cream in bed.

Last night we went to watch the dogs race. Fred loves it, and it's pretty hilarious. Basically we ate cheap food (1p!), drank cheap beer, and betted a maximum of 2 pounds on a race. Fred spent a total of 20 pounds and won back 8.40 - so not too bad!

Placing bets with Andy.

The dogs were too quick to get on camera.

Today we are relaxing at home... and then going to a friends house to play some rock band tonight. Freddy is off to Berlin in the morning and I am off to my first class at LSE.


Juanita said...

Happy Birthday Feeddy Boy.You are so young.Hope you had a great one.

Margaret said...

Happy to see Freddy got his ice cream in bed. Good job Jenny!! Have a safe trip Fred and Jenny we are so excited about you starting school. Have an AWESOME first day. Love ya! Mom

Margaret said...

Oh Freddy love your hair due in the second picture!