Friday, 23 October 2009

Come on a walk with me...

So my Thursday started off in Notting Hill... and I woke up early to try to get some reading done before my class (on the Begriffsgeschichte and German linguistic philosophers - fascinating, right?) So coffee was definitely needed. I felt a bit sleepy and kind of mumbled out my order. Next thing I knew I was getting some sort of 'wet' latte... I had no idea what that meant, but I certainly didn't ask for my latte wet! I really was panicking and worrying that I was only going to get 1 shot of espresso instead of 2... oh the misery would be unbearable. Luckily, I got on wiki as quick as I could and found out it just means less foam. Phew... I still got my 2 shots, but I thought my coffee cup made me look like a pretty picky coffee drinker.

I headed off to class and spent a painful 2 hours discussing philosophy and there were all sorts of words I didn't understand because I didn't get enough reading done for the class, and all sorts of things were in German.

Anyway, I thought a bit of photography along the way to the tube would help relieve my mind of all that confusion...
So, here are the things and places I pass on my way to the tube after class.

My class is just around the corner there.

The gate at the end leads onto campus (where the photo is taken) from the main road. It is so noisy and busy out there - with buses, cars, and loads of people. Then you come through the gate and it is so quiet.

Just walking along...

Lots of little restaurants... none of which I have tried yet.

The starbucks I normally go to.

Fruit and veg stands just before I reach Holborn station.


The Bannon Clan said...

I'll come for a walk...can we stop at starbucks??? Oh and you should see Graces out fit today. the only requirement I gave her was she had to wear pants. So. . .
Pink Life is Good tank top
Fleece lined jeans
Pink tutu skirt over the jeans
Cowboy plaid button up shirt over tank top. . .Oh and the shirt is on size too small.
Accessory-dirty pink blankey

I'll try to get a picture.

Margaret said...

Like Stephanie I'll come walk with you for sure. I will even buy the "starbucks" and let you tell them please make this one a "skinny". Oh how I miss walking the streets with you. From your pictures you make me jealous that you get to walk those streets 3 times a week! Oh before I forget, don't eat too many little nuggets and doughnuts or you might look like I did before :-(