Sunday, 11 October 2009

The rest of our Trip

Ok... so at some point in the distant past we went on a road trip. Only part of it got documented. As I realise many of the people who check out this site aren't on the book (facebook), where all of our pictures are posted so I figured I would try to put some more up here. It may take two entries, we will see how it goes (turn out I did it in one).

Jenny in Newquay, after driving down from Ilfracombe. We got a fountain drink from Subway... it was gooood.

So I havent been to many English beaches (been to a couple in wales and was very impressed). But yet again I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the beaches are here!!!! Why dont people here want to go more often?? Even if its not that warm, the scenery is stunning and you can always go swimming (the sea never freezes!!!). And also a beach is never more than a couple hours drive away as we are on a tiny island!!!

Why is there no one here? Do they not know how good the beach is?
Could almost be the caribbean if it was 20 degrees warmer! The feeling of sand between your toes... priceless.

So Newquay is the surf capital of the UK. Jenny and I thought it was pretty funny as they all take themselves very seriously but the waves are so small and its definitely not as cool as Huntington Beach.

Rock pools... hours of fun!

Trousers were a mistake! It turned out to be pretty warm, and would have been truly tropical had it not been so windy.

I ate seafood for every meal all week (except for breakfast, as that was a full english every day)
For people who have never been to the beach in the UK... you have to protect yourself from the wind. Also these are taken at Perranporth (another beach on the north coast of Cornwall).

We ended up that evening in Falmouth. A port town on the southcoast of Cornwall. Angus (my supervisor) almost took a job here when I first started my PhD. Turns out it wouldn't have been that bad if we had moved out here. Really beautiful and good beaches, but a bit isolated.

The next day we woke up early and went on a run on the beach and then decided we would jump in the sea in our running clothes. It was cold but really good fun, and then had to sneak back into our room as we were dripping water and sand everywhere.
Then after breakfast we drove along the south coast some more and took a ferry over the river. We didn't really know where we were going until our satnav told us "in 200 yards take ferry over river". So we did.

After checking out the coastal scenery we drove in land to the Eden Project. Its a massive eco-park in an old quarry. Its like disney for environmentalists. It was actually really cool and looked very impressive with the massive biodomes.

We went to the rainforest dome and it was absolutely boiling. I was sweaty and lightheaded by the end of exploring it. Jenny was much better dressed.

The stress of driving, when you don't really know where your going. Compounded when we decided to drive through Dartmoor (a national park) and within minutes of entering it we almost drove into a horse! There were sheep and horses everywhere just walking all over the road. Which was a shame as the roads are perfectly suited for driving fast!

The horse we almost hit.
Stopped off to enjoy the views and practice our jumping.

So yes thats it really. It was an amazing trip.

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Margaret said...

Amazing trip you had. Next time we come to town we all need to go on that trip, lets get a car for sure. Think we have been missing out on a few things these last 4 years. WOW to think you have been there for 4 years and I have never seen the sea. Lets go!