Thursday, 8 October 2009

livin it up...

so, sometimes it sounds like we are really livin it up...
you know, lots of holidays over the summer: america, sweden, road trips (not to mention fred's various excursion around the world 'in the name of science). and when we aren't doing that - then we are in the park playing games, going to the river, exploring london, going out to dinner, seeing movies, playing rock band....

ok. or so it seems! sometimes it feels like that - you know, every time i update the blog it is to report the recent excitement of our lives. not the cleaning, doing laundry, going to work, reading, brushing your teeth, trying to get an early night to bed bit...

today i was on the bus, traveling in/out of london, for close to five hours. five hours! up at 6am, in the dark, in the cold... on my bike cycling to the bus station. i thought i was going to get my free breakfast (that they do between 6-7am) but nooooo... it appears they aren't doing that anymore. so, the only slight joy/reward of getting up so early has been snatched away from me.

it's not so bad really. i went to class, it was in a really nice building. my lecture was really good actually - i left feeling quite inspired and motivated about my potential work as as political philosopher! (haha, i know, right, slightly psycho). i was actually expecting it to be pretty dull... 'methods of political theory' - methods courses normally aren't all that awe-inspiring. but i loved it, and it was well worth the trip into london.

i also spent about five hours reading Rawls.... and his theory of justice. yes, i will update you on my intellectual developments on that area at another time. but i've got to make it through 130 pages by him for monday (plus 6 other chapters in two other books - and that's just for that one class)! but i actually made it through 80 pages, which as sad as that sounds, i was actually pretty impressed with.

anyway. all this to say - our lives are not really as much fun as they might look at times...

but with that said. here are some photos of what we have been up to the last few days!

Freddy opening a gift.

'Iron Gym' - seriously, that is what he wanted.
Watch out Michael - you've got some competition!

Played rock band at a friend's house Sunday night. We took the game over there so our neighbors wouldn't come tell us off for it being too loud!

Thorpe Park!

I went to an amusement park with some of the girls from work. It was wild and there were such great rides and we had loads of fun!

(p.s. okay, i guess our lives aren't too bad after all).

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Leslie said...

Thorpe Park! We took Margaret and Tom there when we lived in Sunninghill (between our stints in Riyadh). Fun times indeed.