Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I've been feeling a bit like a zombie lately. I've had the cold that seems to be getting everybody this time of year. Plus commuting into London is enough to make anyone feel a little off, not to mention spending the commute attempting to make it through hundreds of pages of political theory text... ah, the joy of doing a masters.

This weekend I attempted to do some laundry, because the piles are just really getting out of control. So I took some over to our beautiful laundry building and went to starbucks to wait for the 38 minutes to pass before I could switch it over to the dryer. While I was there an adorable tiny little neon yellow bug decided to walk around my table. He was exactly the same colour as my highlighter (rule #32 of z.land: enjoy the little things).

Anyway... I managed to make it through 130 pages of John Rawls before my class yesterday. That' a serious accomplishment.

I got a new bag last week - which helped make my weekend a little more fabulous. Getting a new bag is always exciting (especially when it's Alexander McQueen).

Oh! And if you haven't seen it already - seriously go see Zombieland. You'll learn all about the rules to survive Z.land (#1 is cardio - because it's the fatties that go first). It is hilarious and so well done. I highly recommend it.


Margaret said...

That yellow little bug is so small I never saw him at first, until I read about him. Love your new bag- you are the BEST at finding those bags. STARBUCKs now that is what I am talking about. I loved getting them all summer with you. How about us doing that again in about 2 months?

Margaret said...

Taking your advice and putting Zombieland on my to order list.