Friday, 23 October 2009

A night in Notting Hill...

I spent Wednesday night in Notting Hill at my friend's house. We ate Indian food, watched Gossip Girl & Trinity, and got an early night. It was lovely. I got to wake up and only be 20 min from LSE as opposed to 2 hours away... which was pretty fabulous, and meant I didn't have to get the bus at 7am. Ah... heaven, right?

The view out the front window in the morning.

Walking past antique shops on the way to the tube.

Glorious... sunshine in the morning.

The rice I got with my dinner: for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put fluorescent food colouring in it? Ah, of course, because that is the epitome of chic.

Mmmm... curry.

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Margaret said...

That is wonderful that you can stay with your friend and be that close to school. I know it must be a blessing!