Monday, 19 October 2009

Currently addicted...

So, I'm currently addicted to a few things:

1. Blogs - of all sorts and sizes. Mine, yours, anyone's that i can find. As a sort of small and painless way to distract my self from reading anything of monumental importance... you know, that might actually help me pass my masters.

2. Paddington station fast-food joints - I'll divulge a little secret, today I had 6 chicken nuggets from mcdonalds and a donut from krispy kreme and a lemonade (which, by the way, can I say I was very upset to have paid 2.35 for a small cup of lemonade that came out of a carton! uh... have you not heard of freshly squeezed??). Anyway. This new addiction to fast-food at Paddington is not only bad for my wallet, but also my waistline. I'm having dinner in 2 hours when I get home... these snacks seriously need to stop.

3. Fires - not in a scary pyromaniac sort of way, but in the fireplace in my living room sort of way. In the way that it is currently the only source of heat in my poorly insulated little flat. The room seems dead when we don't have one going. Yes, officially no night is complete without a fire. Poor Fred: he is designated wood chopper (he might tire of this trend quicker than I will).

Those are all my current addictions... I will keep you posted as more develop.


The Bannon Clan said...

You need one of those virtual fire places. . .you know the DVD kind you put on the tv and looks like a fire. . .maybe I'll get that for Fred for Christmas.

The Bannon Clan said...

I hope my blog is one of the addictions. . .by the way Fred sent to idea list. . .can you do something about that?

Margaret said...

Must admit I a addicted to 3 blogs myself. But it really makes me feel connected to the people I love. As for fast food- bad for the waistline and my BUTT!! I do love that fire in your fireplace, someday I hope to have one of my own.