Friday, 25 December 2009

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Freddy and I are here in St Louis for Christmas! It was 50 degrees yesterday (totally not Christmas-y - no coat even needed...) but today it was 23 and snowing! So much fun. Was really great to spend the day with lots of family and little kids. We got more presents then we know what to do with... and we've got enough candy, cookies and leftovers to last until next year.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day!

My family has certain traditions that we've carried on from many years ago... one of those is making a birthday cake for Jesus. Thankfully we've got some new little people who can help in the design now... there were a few years when my sister and I fought it out in some serious fights... a manger or a christmas tree? sprinkles or candies? what colour frosting? Well, this year all bets were off as a 3 year old and 2 year old took to the cake...

Uncle Freddy helped to write 'Happy Birthday Jesus' ... but it just got covered up by heaps of sprinkles.

Another tradition is that we always get new pajamas on Christmas eve... you normally get to pick yours out - but this year we swapped my mom's J.Crew ones for this lovely fleece primark pink and leopard one piece (it even covers your feet). I didn't think she was going to wear them... but she totally kept them on the whole time.

Everyone was very excited... there were tons of presents. We had to open them in two installments - first with the kids awake and then more when they were taking their nap.

Obie got a new train set.

Grace got kitted out in more princess gear than I have ever seen. Dresses, pajamas, magic wands, colouring books, pencils, stickers, lipsticks, nail polishes, handbags, nintendo games... all disney princess themed. She was seriously pumped.

Not only did she dress up in her own presents... she dressed up in her brothers too.

Freddy had fun playing with the new doll house.

Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.

We played outside in the snow... it was seriously so cold though, so we didn't last too long.

All bundled up with Obie's new bike.

All the rubbish...

Family portrait.

Stephanie has requested that we are at the mall tomorrow morning when it opens... so we are off bright and early to try to find some bargains! Wish us luck!


Juanita said...

Jenny look like you were having fun with the kids.I really like the cake.I love the family one.I want that one.

Margaret said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to my little love! Jenny it was WONDERFUL- to spend the day with you and all the loves of my life. The pj's are really nice and cozy even if the color is a little out there for me. I slept like a baby in them and it was wonderful not having my feet freeze. Now I know why all those little babies are sleeping "angels". As for all your presents since you don't know what to do with them all- I will help take some of them from you and help you out! I love you my little love and can't wait to spend the next week with you. CONGRATS also on your "after" Christmas deals!! Oh it also brought a smile to my face reading your blog and seeing how much you enjoyed you day!