Wednesday, 30 December 2009

let it snow...

A white holiday season is always so much fun. Luckily we managed to get some snow here this past week. We made a trek out into the wilderness (umm.. okay, a walk to Starbucks) the other day. It might not seem like much - but it really did feel like an adventure. We all got bundled up - took the wagon for the kids to sit in - and marched off to Main Street in search of winter adventures. We triumphed in our journey... and came out the other side successfully. Despite a few tears, falls, and seriously windy moments in the cemetery.

Playing in the snow.

Dad's winter weather gear.

Everyone happy and warm... a luxury that wouldn't last long.

Our snow mobile...
Getting 6 adults and three kids out of the house and dressed in winter gear was not a simple task.

Stephanie with her camera and Swedish winter hat.

Now we just need some more snow so we can test out the new sled!