Wednesday, 6 January 2010

"Frozen Britain"

Freddy and I arrived back to England on Monday night. Desperately sad to have left the US and all our family there. We are still pretty horribly jet-lagged. We have gone to sleep both nights at 4am... and did not wake up Tuesday until 4pm. Managed to get up today at 1pm... so we are getting a little bit better.

We didn't realize it but we have come back to the UK in the middle of the worst cold spell since 1981... yesterday at 4pm it started to snow. Oxford never gets a lot of snow - so we weren't expecting much. It normally doesn't stick and if it does it isn't too impressive. When we looked out our window around 8pm there were buckets of snow outside and it looked absolutely magical. This morning (okay, afternoon) we woke up to about a foot of snow outside

The view out our front window.

Taking out the recycling with snow well above our ankles.

Don't think we will be cycling anywhere for the next couple of days....

Freddy at the backside of our house.

Cold and windy as we headed to the shops to stock up on supplies.

The front of our house all covered in snow.

Decked out in some newly acquired mid-west winter buffalo check gear.

Not many cars made it out of our street today...

Thankfully we didn't arrive back into the UK last night... we probably wouldn't have made it into Heathrow - and if we had it would have been a nasty and long trip into Oxford trying to move luggage in all that snow. Luckily we are both at home and haven't had to try to commute in to any jobs or anything today. Classes start back up for me on Monday... so until then I am just trying to get my essays written while staying warm by the fire and drinking lots of tea.

Hope you aren't too cold and snowed in wherever you are!


Juanita said...

Love the snow.Freddy I love your hat.We are suppose to get snow tonight or in the morning.Nothing to say we got snow.Maybe a inch.

Anonymous said...

WOW you both look like you didn't miss out on our snow her in St Charles. It looks wonderful!! I am sure you are enjoying it :) We got like 4 inches last night and tomorrows high is going to be 8F. Miss you both!

polka dot said...

You guys are such a cute couple! I can't believe the difference, here in London it barely stuck. Actually when I went to help my lovely (also American) friend Bronwyn move - IN THE SNOW - actually this time we didn't move - she's pregnant, they hired movers, but I helped her tidy up & watched her dog - and in their part of town - near Primrose Hill, it was REALLY snowy. My husband thought the elevation might have made a difference. I took some shots but can't post them as trying to keep the focus on street style, and have so many shots still to post.

It looks amazing actually! And Freddy looks so cool in the red plaid lumberjack thing. Actually: that day I shot a great kid in similar plaid at the Belsize Park tube station. Will post that soon.

We've got to go back to Oxford sometime soon. Would be great to meet you. We're off to Florida soon where according to my mom it was 30 degrees. Fahrenheit.