Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yes it is Wednesday and snowing again


Jenny and I have been discussing some very important blog stuff. How to indicate who has written a post. I know there are probably only 10 people who actually check this blog regularly and I'm sure they have no problem differentiating between our posts (mine are easily identifiable by my witty yet incisive prose!). Obviously one way would just be to sign the end of the blog. I also thought of having different coloured text which would have worked with the old grey background. But Jenny has suggested, and we will try, using a distinctive and colour coded sign off.

Jenny= xx
Freddy= xo (like Gossip Girl... also I thought xy might be more appropriate but making science jokes isn't actually that funny)

I realise this is probably just for our benefit, and we probably check our own blog more in one day than all the hits from other people we get. This is, however, to some extent a way of chronicling our lives (like a diary or memoir) and is not just about letting our family know what we are up to (so, therefore, differentiating between who wrote what is important... I think)



The Bannon Clan said...

I read it. You guys are hilarious!

Mark said...

I didn't get the Gossip Girl reference but liked the science joke. If it was up to a vote I'd vote xy.