Sunday, 17 January 2010

fondu and pipes...

Mmm... cheese. What's better than cheese? Melted cheese... followed by melted chocolate. Oh yes... that's right. Fred managed to receive two, yes two, fondu pots this Christmas. Two fondu pots actually works out very well... one for cheese and one for chocolate (it could be worse... we could be like my sister who has five). We decided to have some people round and try it out... it went down a serious treat.

Waiting anxiously.

The chef hard at work.

Cheese and wine.

Mix together....

Cheesy goodness.

Stage two: chocolate fondu. Yummm.... yummy yum.

Dippin away.

What better way is there to follow a decadent dinner than by sitting by the fire in tweed jackets and cords smoking pipes...?


1 comment:

polka dot said...

That's such a hoot! Love the tweed & pipes ; )

What a great, cheesey (sorry) idea: cheese fondue & chocolate fondue. I remember getting my parents an avocado fondue set & we had a whole production about making cheese & chocolate fondues.. for a few weeks. I wonder where that set went??

btw, there's a great blogger named Stephanie (Style Odyssey on my blog roll) who I'm hopefully meeting on Wednesday. She talked after New Year's Eve about going on a liquid diet, if you count melted chocolate and melted cheese as liquids. Yum!!