Thursday, 14 January 2010

hello from hammersmith...

i am spending the night in london at some friend's house. they are out of town skiing so i've got their whole flat to myself... i felt a little apprehensive about staying in london by my self (why isn't freddy here?!?). i made it here safely though and without any troubles, some minor door/key issues were quickly overcome with the help of my telephone bodyguard. i quickly jetted over to starbucks afterwards, which thankfully was just across the road, and treated myself to a venti vanilla latte and a chocolate and caramel shortbread (which i totally forgot about until now... which means i have a nice little breakfast in store for me)!

anyway... i actually had some stuff to accomplish tonight. so after fiddling around with the internet, television, and my camera i finally decided to get to it and finish my essay that is due tomorrow. thankfully it is done... and ready to be handed in (phew, one thing i can check off my list).

i've got a full day tomorrow with lectures starting at 9am and going until 4pm... fridays are definitely my heaviest days, which is nice in a way... because it will make me appreciate the saturdays in my life all the more.

these are the kinds of things that make me appreciate living in the UK. this flat isn't overtly lush... i seem to be slightly enamored by the bathroom... seriously though, who installs these kinds of toilets anymore?? there is something slightly magical about flushing the toilet like that though.... i have to admit.

this flat isn't overtly lush... check out how sweet the bathroom features are. granted, no water comes out of the 'hot' tap... but it looks nice nevertheless.

the shower faucet tap is equally covetable.

totally fancy chandelier in their living room and there is seriously intense moulding all throughout the house.

the kind of dinners i eat when i am alone: smushed peanut butter sandwich (that spent the whole day being carted around in my bag) and milk from a wine glass.

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Team Inglis said...

haha, that is funny that you are in hammersmith and you used the phrase "overtly lush" twice! Miss you and your dinner looks sad!