Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ohh my, wednesday already?

Woke up to a Wednesday morning with snow bucketing it down...

Have been back in England for just over a week now. It seriously feels like so much longer.

Anyway, I discovered how truly wonderful one of my Christmas gifts are on Monday went I went into london:

I have long been presented with the problem of making coffee in the morning, putting it in a thermos thing, getting on my bike, getting to the train station, getting on the train, taking a sip of the coffee.... and feeling disgusted by the fact that over the course of 20min my coffee has become less than luke-warm. Seriously, all I ask for is something warm to drink without having to drink the vile coffee they sell at the station. Well, the problem is absolutely and totally solved. I got this thermos for Christmas and I used it yesterday for the first time. I am not kidding you... I think it actually made my drink even hotter (ok, maybe that's not possible). But, I made it all the way to Paddington and I could still just barely sip at it because it was still so piping hot. Now that is an invention I can get behind. And, it's not very big or heavy... so isn't a pain to carry in your bag after you are finished - and seriously no leaks at all.

Am looking forward to trying out my new Gingerbread flavour Nespresso coffee tomorrow during my early trip into London (on the bus at 7am... that's too early, right?) and having it stay nice and toasty warm! Hopefully some of the snow will have cleared by then!


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