Saturday, 23 January 2010


I went to the Primrose Bakery for the first time on Friday.
It is so good. It is right by LSE and is the perfect place to spend a Friday afternoon between classes. Not only are the cupcakes seriously divine but the bakery is so lovely. Its so chic, sweet, and just the most beautiful little place to sit. It sort of feels like a fancy little diner.... just without the sweaty biker men and instead just beautiful cupcakes (seriously, it feels like a dream).

Meera with her lemon and coconut cupcake.

They have cheeky little decorations around like these little cupids.

Mmmmm... my chocolate marshmallow cupcake and latte.


The cupcakes are seriously almost too pretty to eat.

Little yellow bakery on the corner in Covent Garden... definitely worthy of visit.


Meera said...

cupcakes = happiness-creating-food! xx

Margaret said...

omg looks diVINE!!! WHEN you come to new york i will take you to the best cupcake shops around. and WHEN i come to london, you can take me here. we can be one another's cupcake tour guides! :) xoxo