Monday, 8 March 2010

Ganymede tortillas....

we love mexican food and we love everything to be spicy. when i saw these delicious little monsters on the Ganymede Kids blog i knew straight away that i had to try to make them for dinner. there wasn't a recipe so we just had to improvise and make up our own. we used a salsa recipe from a jamie oliver cookbook and even made our own refried beans. first time we have done that - pretty wild, right? these were so good, but a warning must be made... i went from starving to barely being able to stand up straight within 8minutes (maybe this is a testament to the fact that i eat way too fast). but they are like little monsters that jump in your belly and expand to make you so full - fred puts it down to the beans, beans always make you full.

fred's massive bite out of his... see, this is why i never offer to share with him. one bite and half of the thing is gone!

so we put some cheese, refried beans (with chorizo) and salsa into our tortillas... yumm. very easy, pretty cheap (although limes/avocados are a bit exotic in england so they aren't as cheap as they should be), and so good. they are so fresh tasting (lime...) but have such a great hot flavour as well (chili...). really wonderful and would definitely recommend it. they recommend making your own tortillas - which we almost did, but then realized we were a bit too pooped for that. next time we will give it a try though. thanks ganymede kids for the great idea!


For the salsa
4 tomatoes
3 spring onion
2 red chilis
1/2 cucumber
Handful of fresh coriander
2 avocados
1 lime
salt and pepper

For refried beans
1 can borlotti beans (pinto or black also work)
2 spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
2tbsp olive oil

Chop up all the ingredients for the salsa as much or as little as you would like. I recommend to keep the avocado chunky. Add the juice of the lime and salt and pepper. So pretty easy so far. Then chop of the chorizo into small chunks and add to frying pan with the chopped spring onions and chopped garlic and olive oil to a frying pan. Fry for a few mins and then add the beans (drain first). Mush them up with a potato masher or a wooden spoon. If you like them more liquidy add some water. Serve with cheese and torillas.


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Ganymede Girl said...

Hey, that's awesome that you were inspired to make this after seeing our photos! It's so true that beans are extremely filling, we always end up feeling like we can't get up or move after eating too hahahah.
I've updated my post to include some recipes, hope you like it!