Monday, 8 March 2010

Vivi's Birthday

The 25th of February was a while ago but we have been pretty busy with Vivi visiting and since then we have had to catch up with life a little bit. But it did happen and we did document it so thought I would do a quick blog post. So in the morning we woke up early (much too early for my liking... at least 8 o'clock) and gave Vivi ice cream in bed (an Inglis family tradition). Although she was away from home she got a few presents, lots of cards, and more money than I get paid in a month.

Unfortunately Jenny had to go to school so Vivi and I had some breakfast (apart from icecream) and watched the olympic highlights from the previous night. We then set off to the train station to go to London.

We arrived at Paddington and then set off to LSE to meet up with Jenny.

We had lunch at Wasabi, a great sushi place across from LSE and Vivi ate 13 pieces of sushi. I know it doesn't sound like much but I could only manage 11. For dessert we went to the Primrose Bakery to get some cupcakes. We were so stuffed that we got them to go and set off to Brick Lane to check out some sights.

When we got off the tube it was raining. But hey, you cant visit england without some rain! However unbeknownst to Vivi we were actually heading over to a shop that sells Banksy prints (Vivi is a big fan and so are we) that Jenny and I discovered over the summer on one of our adventures.

We told Vivi she could have any one she wanted and there was obviously a lot of choice so she had to take her time to decide. But after toing and froing she finally picked one that she liked and I think it looks really cool. Look forward to seeing it hanging on her wall.

After all that excitement we decided to eat our cupcakes - which were delish!

We then went to the natural science museum and took a look at the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition (one our favourite things to see when in London). Finally we were pretty exhausted and took the train home but had to wait around in Paddington for a while. Once we got home we could barely move but think we managed to get in a game of Just Dance. Will post about the rest of her trip soon and post some movies our dancing escapades. I really enjoyed Vivi's birthday... and I think she did too. It was a treat to have her here with us.