Wednesday, 23 June 2010

'i just need to find landskap...'

At the end of our first official day in Sweden I am left looking like a lobster. Freddy and I spent the morning at the lake then came home and ate tasty salami and gouda. We headed over to Maggan's place for some dinner in the late afternoon. She used to watch Freddy when he was a little boy... he tends to reminisce about their time baking and reading stories. We played pool and discovered that Vivi is a little shark. I was 'forced' into eating three very yummy pieces of strawberry cream pie, felt ill, and then once we got back home begged Freddy and Vivi to cycle with me down to the grocery store to buy my favourite candy... which I then stuffed my face with (after jumping on the trampoline). Lesson #1 of the holiday: 'I'm not hungry but I'm on holiday' (as I reach my hand into a massive bag of sour candy).


adrielleroyale said...

Sounds like my kind of "torture"! Glad you're having a blast - great photos as usual too! :)

Meera said...

that strawberry and cream pie looks AMAZING!!!

Platform Princess said...

Love this! You look like you're having sooooo much fun! Can't wait to get there already.


p.s that cake, that cake... my GOD!

Margaret said...

that cake (pie?) looks diviiiine! certainly looks like you guys are enjoying your holiday :) can't wait till september!!!