Thursday, 5 November 2009

Beginning of November...

It is November! Can you believe it? I really can't.
We've had Christmas commercials on t.v. for two weeks already, two weeks! Half way through October they were already sneaking the odd one in here and there, and last Saturday it turned to full on Christmas advertisements. Suddenly the shops were full of charity cards and decorations. Before Halloween had even arrived. Golly gosh people, come on. I love Christmas as much as the next person (probably a little more) but mid October is really just pushing it a little. I think we need to start a petition begging the world to re-introduce the 'day after Thanksgiving' rule.

Anyway, all this to say: it's November.

I have officially made it through five weeks of my masters program. Yah, that's right. Pretty impressive, huh? I can honestly say that I think I have read more in the last five weeks than my whole life combined... okay, maybe that's not actually true. But, by the time this year is over I seriously think it may actually not just feel like it.

So, let me catch you up on what the first week of November has brought my way.

Yes, November has brought sushi. LSE is surrounded by Japanese restaurants. There are hundreds of them. So, one of my friends and I have decided to try them out. We went to a place that has pick n mix sushi. You just pick all the little bits you fancy and put them into your own tray. It's slightly deceptive because the tray is really big - so you feel like you surely haven't gotten enough food. But really, no one needs to fill the whole tray up with sushi. Anyway, point being: this provided a fabulous break from the library and was very good. I can't really remember the name of this place - it had some super generic name like 'Sushi and Bento Box'... anyway. We liked it, but thought we felt a bit like we were going to tip out of our chairs... but there are worse things, the sushi was good at least.

Starbucks Red cups.
They are officially here, along with the special Christmas drinks. Which, by the way, are ludicrously overpriced. I think it was 3.40 for a grande gingerbread latte. I know, right? (are you thinking 'why on earth does anybody need a sodding ginger bread latte' - well, I don't know why, okay? but they make them, and they are good). It's not a bloody meal for crying out loud, 3.40 is just too expensive! have they forgotten about the recession?!?

 And, the cheeky minks have decided to join forces with the highly commercialized (RED) charity. I'm not slating it, I'm sure it does some great work... but come on now. I know it's the time of giving and laadeeedaaaahhhh... but I just don't like the idea of Starbucks making me think it's okay to spend outrageous amounts on a coffee because 5p (yes, that's all, just 5p) is going to charity. I feel like that is what is happening here. Plus, they've got 'all our coffee is fair trade coffee' branded left right and center... once again, trying to make me feel guilty for thinking I'm being wripped off.

Maybe it's just me.

Let's be honest though. I probably hit up Starbucks at least three times a week anyway - so it's not as if all this is deterring me. The point is that I went to Starbucks this morning and discovered that they had their red cups in... and I felt happy, and when I saw that 5p was going to charity I did feel a little warm inside. Okay, I know... I couldn't help it though. I am a sucker.

Yes, LSE is seriously happening to me in November. Essays are approaching, panic is setting in, hair is starting to fall out... no, no, that's not true. They aren't even going to count towards my final mark - they are just to get an idea of how I am getting on. But, nevertheless. You don't really want to come across as thick as plank, do you? Okay, point is not to moan - the point is to say that I've walked by this building  at least 30 times and never noticed this on the side of it! What is even happening? It looks like some strange cement alien monster landed into the side and got contorted into a strange formation. I am sure it's probably done by some famous architect or artist... but I only just noticed it today. Oh, also, just past that red phone booth is the entrance to the SU shop that stocks very yummy candy. I made the mistake of getting a couple pieces (yes yes, it actually was a couple pieces, not 400 hundred like when I go to Sweden). They are so good, and I am now officially addicted to them.

So, this is basically what November has brought into my life... oh, I am also loving X-Factor which is on every Saturday and Sunday night. Fred is doing such a good job of letting me watch it. So, if you think of me chances are I will either be eating candy/sushi, sitting in starbucks/the library/some form of public transportation and reading (always reading), or watching the x factor...


Fred said...

That is a funny post! Your mix of very english idioms with your disinctive americanisms is pretty quirky/hilarious. And there is no Thanksgiving here... perhaps no ads till the first of advent might be more appropriate.

Margaret said...

I LOVE your post! Feel like I can see the things happening around you. As for Fred's comment about there is no Thanksgiving there in England- hum thats strange as I know someone there has been celebrating it now for the past 4 years! Like you I do think the drinks at Starbucks are high- but feel drawn to have them. I can hardly wait till Monday to see one of those red cups. Oh Freddy - I have enjoyed reading Jennys words that are not only American but British!

jill (polka dot) said...

Oh, isn't that funny! I'm the blogger who did the post on wasabi. What are the odds, really, of you a)posting on sushi but not remembering the name and b)stumbling on my post?

I shoot such a random bunch of shots & then post in a quite random way, so it's weird that in this case, I posted shortly after I took it. Anyway, if you check in a few minutes, I'll update the post with a link to your blog.

Thanks for finding, & commenting. I've got a bad fever now so I"m not spending much time online, but couldn't resist commenting on this. Will visit again, hope you will, too!