Friday, 13 November 2009

Economics and penguins.

Pop-intellectual books are massive at the moment. There was even an article in the Sunday Times about how we all need 'big ideas' these days... and apparently moaning about the recession wasn't good enough anymore.

In the spirit of the hype, we went to a talk by the authors of Freakonomics and the newly released Superfreakonomics on Monday night.

The authors were very funny and full of so many good stories. They were 'in conversation' with a slightly dull economics lecturer that taught Steven Levitt at M.I.T. It was a little awkward and only added to the hilarity of the whole thing. The book looks really good and has been added to my 'to read' list.

We also checked out the LSE penguin that was returned last week. It was stolen last year to many people's devastation. If you want more on the exciting story check out:

As cheesy as it may be we (okay I) had to have my photo taken with it.

Then we went out for some dinner. Our friend Louise took us to such a good Chinese place called Chop Chop. I forgot to take a photo but the food was so cheap, it was insane. The meals were 3 pounds and you got a pretty big portion which was really tasty. And, 3 pounds is insanely cheap.... especially for London.

Then we went to a really cosy little place that is a wine shop and restaurant. We had a drink and some dessert. It was so lovely and had a really great atmosphere. When we walked in I felt a bit like we were interrupting somebody's dinner party. There were also lots of strange people to watch, which is always a bonus. Sadly I can't remember the name of the place... I need to get better at that.

Wine in many colours...

Cheese... Fred chose a pungent and smelly trio.

A lovely combination: plum cobbler, rose, and cheese...

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