Thursday, 5 November 2009


For Halloween we dressed up like characters from Clue. I was Scarlett (as you can see with my weapon: a candlestick), Fred was Reverend (they made him a reverend in England) Green (can you see his white religious neck thing?), our friend Harry was Mr. Plum, and our other friends were Miss Peacock and Colonel Mustard.We went to a party that helped raise money for Oxfam. I spent 25 pounds on a signed photo of Cameron Diaz. I really don't know why... I think I was taken over by the pure desire not to let someone outbid me, I think I should be kept away from auctions.


Fred said...

ah... one of those white religious thingies?

Team Inglis said...

haha, what are they called??

Margaret said...

think it was a feel good moment for sure.