Thursday, 26 November 2009


My plate is empty... and waiting for the Thanksgiving fairy to come deliver my meal.

Sadly, I don't think she got the memo. I think my plate is going to stay empty.

Thanksgiving forgot to come to England. Sadly, it's not like Santa (who finds you no matter where you live) and whose Christmas magic seems to start two months before the 25th of December. Sadly, there was no Macy's Thanksgiving parade on t.v., no football, no pie, no turkey or stuffing, no day off work or school, no Thanksgiving magic, no anticipation of Black Friday sales, no extended family, no awkward 'I'm thankful for...' conversations.... no Thanksgiving.

Sadly, it was just another day. Sadly, it was predominately marked by the stress of essays, and the insanely crowded nature of London public transport.

I guess I will have to forget about the Thanksgiving fairy this year... and wait patiently for Santa.

p.s. I hope Thanksgiving magic found most of you out there.... and that you enjoyed it thoroughly.

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polka dot (jill) said...

Hang on... you're an American in LONDON, or OXFORD? I'm not sure if I"m confusing you with someone else I was writing to - can you email me please? (

I was so moved by your post. I LOVE it, in fact! I feel the same way, or have, at times.. and since over the years I've found other American ex-pats, I'm always amazed when I ask what they're doing and they say things like 'oh, every year we get together with other Americans...' why don't we know about it? Maybe because we've often gone home.

The secret is to do it anyway, like early Christians. Keep it underground. It means hoarding the Libby's canned pumpkin (they're sold out @ Sainsburys weeks in advance, because they under supply to the ex pat community) - same with fresh cranberries. As a friend said 'They let you celebrate it, but they don't make it easy for you.'

Anyway, sorry to go on so long - just posted on the Topshop thing, and this is me after a ton of coffee - but I really am moved to think that there's another Yank out there, feeling the same way I do.

And that empty plate will haunt my dreams.

I do have a lot of leftover stuffing!