Friday, 10 July 2009

The Cromwell 'Hotel'

If you didn't know better you might think my parents are staying at a fancy hotel in Kensington... but then you might notice all the hospital equipment and remember otherwise. The building really is lovely though, it doesn't have the feeling of a hospital. The staff are really friendly and lovely and his meals always look delicious. We went up to visit on Wednesday to keep them company, and I helped to get my mom out of the room so the stern English nurses wouldn't have to throw her out.

This is his breathing device. He's got to breathe in and get the little ball to a certain place (which is marked by a smiley face) in order to see how strong his lungs are and how much he can breathe in.

These are his tubes that are sucking liquid out of his lungs. The amount in them didn't actually increase much while I there, and hopefully they will be taken out just after the weekend.

Playing with the toy from the happy meal we got. He is really liking milkshakes, so we had an excuse to buy lots of fast food.

Just thought we should prove that they are actually here in England, so wanted to include a couple photos from our walk. The area they are in is really beautiful. We walked up to Notting Hill today, and there are lots of shops and cafes to keep us occupied.

Looking into a cake shop.
Freddy is going to go back up to visit this weekend, and I'll be back on Wednesday when I've got another three days off. He seemed to be doing very well, the doctors always had very positive things to say. Hopefully he will only keep improving and getting better every day!


Juanita said...

Your Dad playing with a toy.I know he is felling better if he's playing with a toy.Thanks for the update and the pictures.

The Taylors said...

I'm glad that your dad is in the hospital and recovering! They look like so much fun as parents even when they have been sick in the hospital! Hope you are doing well too! Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are so encouraging!