Thursday, 23 July 2009

Locked-down in London-town

So my parents thought they were leaving tomorrow (Friday) to fly back to Cairo. They are all packed and ready to go... were simply waiting on a phone call to tell them what flight they were on. But, it turns out that they can't fly back until 10 days after my dad's surgery (which means the 28th). Even though no one bothered to tell them that... and everyone said he would be flying out tomorrow. They only have just found this out... I had to call AIG twice, and although they were very polite, made me very angry. They will find out in the morning where they will be going and for how long... but until further notice they seem to be stuck in lockdown in london - because no one will let them go home.

On a slightly brighter note - we had a great day today (before we found out this unfortunate news). I woke up early (6am) and caught the bus. Because I was so keen and early I got a free newspaper and breakfast. The trip wasn't as fun as last time: I was really tired and kept falling asleep and waking up panicked that I had forgotten to get off and was on the wrong side of London. Luckily that didn't happen.

We had a really lovely day. My mom and I walked towards Harrods, had some coffee, and then got caught out in the rain. Then we went to have a burger for lunch, and then walked around some more. We got pizza hut for dinner - a spontaneous but very real craving that my dad had. Oh, we even got a video of my dad describing his horrible and almost unbearable pain. I will try to get it up on youtube or facebook for you to see. Ok, enjoy the photos... hopefully some good news about their trip home will come tomorrow!

My goodies on the bus at 6:30am.

Beginning our walk the right way... with some starbucks.

With our coffee before we got soaking wet in the rain.

On our walk over to burgers...

We had some pretty cool chairs at McDonalds.

Walking back from our burgers...

Having a little peek at a bridal fitting.

London Easter-egg coloured flats.

Outside the hospital.

No casualty here. That's rrrright.

Would Grace like this to be Mom's next car Stephanie?

Mmmm... pizza hut. De-lic-ious.

On the bus ride home the sky was really beautiful.

p.s. my two favourite songs at the moment are 'supernova' by mr. hudson & kanye west and 'beautiful dreams' by beyonce.

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Juanita said...

Thanks for the pictures.Now you now Grace would like that car to be your Mom's car.Maybe she(Grace) will call it Miss Pinky.Hope you get good news about your Mom and Dad leaving tomorrow.