Saturday, 4 July 2009

Swine Flu?

Hi everyone!

Realised I've been radio silent for a while and have, therefore, decided to reenter the blogosphere. Another reason (perhaps the real one) is that Im stuck at home with the flu :(, and its really boring!!! Especially as no one is supposed to visit me, as it may be the much publicised 'swine flu'. Unfortunately it is unlikely that we will ever know what is ailing me as the UK stopped testing people yesterday. Apparently their strategy of containment has now changed, and anyone with flu like symptoms has to call up the doctor. Then over the phone they decide if you get tamiflu or not.

I did. But I feel OK. My fever of 39 celsius has abated and my cough seems to be lessening. And I have also learned that tamiflu should be taken with a meal otherwise it causes you to be sick (and that is why one should always read the warnings that come with a medicine... which I also learnt this morning!).

Perhaps if Im bed ridden during the week I will blog some more.

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The Bannon Clan said...

First, I don't think people with swine flu should be going to concerts in London. Second, I think you are enjoying the flu medicine way too much. You should have taken the pictures with the medications in bed, looking miserable; not grinning ear to ear. Hope you had a fun evening in London and give us a call sometime. We talked to Mom tonight (Sun.)