Monday, 20 July 2009

The patient walks again.

He is definitely still the patient, but not for much longer. They are heading back to Cairo on Friday. Which is great because it means my dad is healthy and well enough to make the flight back, he can go back to work on Sunday, and I get to see them one last time before they jet back off... (not on a private plane this time).

I went to see them today. I was on the bus at 6:30am, which let me tell you is early for me. But, I amazingly got a free bottle of water and chocolate croissant (as many as I could grab actually... I tried to exercise restraint and only took one). It was great though and the trip went by really quickly because I dodged traffic and spent the hour and a half eating my free breakfast and reading my free newspaper. It was lovely actually.

My mom and I made the trek over to Harrods. We passed a pretty great Scandinavian home shop, and lots of beautiful looking breakfast places, which we had to pose outside of (and when I say we, I mean my mom).... haha. They were pretty fabulous though.

Yummy... here is my dad's hospital provided lunch. Yah, it's pretty lush. Two little quiches, tomato with heart shaped mozzarella, a crepe with fruit, and delicious little new potatoes. Pretty fancy, right?

But, because he is a newly free man (without any buckets and normal clothes) we thought we should go out to eat for lunch as well. Which, might I add, was so exciting because this was the first time I have seen my dad outside the hospital! He was a great walker and hardly complained at all, except when we started exaggerating how close we were to our destination, and then he began to get a little anxious. But that's fair, after all we said, 'just around this corner' about four times before it was true.

We made it to Whole Foods, which is great in America but far greater in Britain. It is three stories and about as fancy as you could ever imagine. I mean really an 'Oysters and Champagne' section in the food court...?

We settled for a slightly more down to earth option: ham and cheese sandwich and a tostado (pictured below). It was great, but very large, luckily my dad helped me finish it off. I'm not looking at the camera because I had just accidently flung a big chunk off the table and onto my foot (don't worry, the 10second rule did not apply).

We didn't get horribly exciting photos inside because last time we tried to do that we almost got kicked out. Apparently photos are not allowed. But we are rebels and snuck a few in.

As if that weren't enough to eat (we also brought home fruit smoothies and biscuits around 4pm) dinner arrived soon after: pretty great looking salmon which also tasted mighty fine.

So, he's got another 3 days to enjoy delivered meals in bed... which, although are lovely, I don't think he will miss too much as three weeks in a hospital is a bit much. Thankfully they will be back home on Friday.


Juanita said...

Your Dad looks like himself now.Maybe your Mom will feed him brekfast in bed when they get back.
Jenny guess where I ate lunch today.Your favorite place.REd Robin.

The Bannon Clan said...

Yeah Jenny. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you guys are having fun now. I posted just for you. . .take a look.