Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cromwell Take II

This post comes a little late... as the pictures are from last week, and it seems a lot has happened since. Freddy and I went to visit my parents last Wednesday. My dad was doing so much better, and it was great to see him improving so much. He was up, walking, and even had trousers on! I know, pretty exciting! I spoke to them today and he is fully dressed in 'normal' clothes and even walked out to lunch! So, he's had massive improvements since last week. I am going to see them tomorrow and am really looking forward to going out to lunch with both my parents!

Well, a bit more about our visit last week: we walked with my dad around the hospital, i went to harrods with my mom, we got amazing pastries from the bakery, took the tube to LSE where I saw my new university for the first time, and got macdonalds. All in all a pretty great day actually.

Since our visit last week Freddy has headed off to America for a conference. Which has left me home alone for a week and a half. Pretty dull and not too eventful but I am hoping to do some organizing and sell some stuff on ebay/amazon. I know, I know... I'm pretty exciting, huh? 'Going to do some organizing' - pretty lame, huh? Oh well. Such is me.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, am sure I will have more up soon.

Walking on the road outside the hospital.

Outside the gift shop...

Being a bit of geek and having my photo taken outside LSE.

Going down...

On the tube.

Outside the hospital.

In the elevator.

Freddy going for a walk with my dad and his bucket.

Outside the natural history museum on the way towards harrods (where we got the most amazing bread).


Juanita said...

Love all the picture.What are you selling on ebay? Enjoy your vist with your Mom and Dad.Hope you are having fun with them.

Jennifer said...

just selling old clothes on ebay that i don't wear anymore. and am trying to sell some books amazon... will let you know if i make anything!! hopefully something will sell.

Juanita said...

I know I can't wear your clothes.Hope you make alot of money.Maybe I should have you sell some of my things.