Thursday, 8 April 2010

another cycling adventure...

last friday freddy and his friends decided to go on a cycling trip. they, of course, picked a very cold and rainy day to embark on this adventure. the weather didn't put them off though... after 2 hours of fiddling with their bikes and humm-ing and haa-ing they finally set off.

trying to decipher the map.

one of the members of they cycling team, Ben, had forgotten his helmet and so was trying to get mine to fit on his head... everyone was waiting for him, and eventually we reached the conclusion that a boys head is too big for a girls helmet - regardless of how hard you try to push it on.

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Fred said...

Hmmm, that first picture makes my head look enormous. I would just like to clarify that my head is in fact not that large and it is a weird perspective thing