Thursday, 1 April 2010

sunny at 7, raining at 11...

gorgeous blue sky in london today... i pulled the blinds open at Emerald's flat on portobello road and immediately woke up. we headed off to Brick Lane to people watch and check out the vintage shops.

my latte was decorated with a heart.

Emerald posing with some graffiti while wearing her fabulous new clogs.

so apparently retro cockneys wear plimsoles... ah, well better get some then.

rails of vintage dresses all for 22 quid... Emerald got that red one with the white swirly pattern. so cute.

Brick Lane and the surrounding area is covered in graffiti. it somehow manages to avoid looking trashy and outdated and instead just adds to the charm.

of course in traditional english style the clouds came in and it started pouring with rain... we took it as a sign that it was time to head off. but of course not before the wretched rain flipped emerald's umbrella inside out!


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polka dot said...

OOOH fantastic! I stumbled on this by 'mistake' - my laptop literally clicked on it! spooky.

Love the way you put this together: great shots, esp Emerald's face with the umbrella. xx