Saturday, 3 April 2010

Vivi's Visit (the rest)

I know, I know... we promised to do this ages ago, but the stylecrusader/masters and PhD have been keeping us busy. Also with Picasa web albums sharing loads of photos is super easy and doesn't require the effort of blogging. But I promised to do this so here it is:

Here we are walking into town. After Vivi's Bday extravaganza we just hung out in oxford. Decided to go check out the Ashmolean (our new favourite place).

In the entrance to the museum. Also turns out that I'm related to Vivi... probably wont come to a shock to most of you reading this but I was surprised how similar our faces look!!! I mean we're not identical twins but you can see the resemblance.

I think Vivi enjoyed the museum but it definitely made us hungry.

Huh, these aren't quite in order, back in the museum, trying to take cool pics.

Ah, this is what I was trying to allude to earlier... the mission. Our favourite mexican place (the carnitas burrito is amazing... it is a life goal to be able to make a burrito that good... almost there just need better tortillas and pork). Also interesting to note that the Mission is one of our first posts we ever did on the blog, and will also feature prominently in our ultimate guide to oxford (a new idea we have had recently... not sure if we've mentioned it on the blog before).

On Vivi's last day it was just the brother and sister as Jenny had to work. Did the regular sightseeing tour (Christ Church, Hertford Bridge, old buildings, etc... I get pretty blase about the whole affair as I see it everyday).

A bit of amateur photography from yours truly. Jenny reckons she might be a better photographer than me because of the whole stylecrusader thing. I think I have my moments though.

It was a great visit, short but sweet (perhaps too short but some of us have to work for a living... fortunately not me). And we will see Vivi again this weekend (another reason to get this post done!). Next I promise I will try to post the hilarious vids of us dancing to the wii game.


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