Monday, 19 April 2010

first BBQ of the summer...

although all this volcanic ash is reeking havoc on travelers it seems to be working in england's favour. once again we had a beautiful weekend. not only did we celebrate by having our first bbq of the year some slightly psycho boys also had their first dip in the english river (more on that at another time, i skipped out though - it looked a wee bit too cold for me). so chef jamie, err, i mean fred, whipped together some utterly delicious skewered chicken, vegetables and halumi delights for us all...

waiting patiently for the heat to start developing.

mmm... food.

the vegetarian edition for pauline - what a thoughtful cook.

cooking away.

fred had to go upstairs for some supplies and was a bit unsure about leaving the BBQ in other people's hands, so he had to check in on us.

but they were cooking away nicely and were absolutely delicious. so well done to freddy for kicking off BBQ season successfully!

and as for me? (aww you'll see) i made ice cream cookies for everyone - no pictures, sorry. was slightly overcome by the ravenous nature that develops between me and ice-cream.... oh, and we topped the night off by playing some just dance. although everyone was a bit hesitant in the beginning they all loved it. how could you not? it's pretty much the best wii game ever and the perfect ending to any good night.


Platform Princess said...

In a word:


Please post the cookies next time, and the recipe.


Meera said...

looks seriously delicious! and please elaborate on these ice cream cookies.. i can't imagine what they are like, but i am 100% certain that i would love them! xx

the style crusader said...

@platform princess & @meera - haha, they are seriously just cookies with ice cream smooshed in between - but next time i have them i'll post photos for you!

Margaret said...

ice cream cookies?! YUM!!!

this reminds me of when i came to visit and we had a bbq in the park! ahh memories!!! xoxoxo hope you're having a splendid bday!